barcelona 2008

In February 2008 I went on a 3 month trip to Barcelona with some mostly good dudes.

Confirming our flights.

Traveling light.

The first of many games of worms.

Due to an error in buying tickets we ended up meeting Mike in London instead of leaving with him from the U.S.

The balcony life.

Shaving my back.

Turista dia.

Funiculars are so cool.

Praising Kurtz.

I think we went to a zombie dance party inside this very same building.

People just don’t do this in America.

Ans Gibson, lipslide to bluntslide.

Is that pan?

Miguel was always killing it in the kitchen.

Note his hooves.

Ans hurt his hip a week into the trip so he ended up beating Advance Wars 1 and 2 before he got back to normal.


Blending in?

Mike Emery, melon.

Mike Emery, nose bonk.

Brendan showed up.

No one can complain about tight living situations unless they lived in an air craft carrier or something.

Party cam.

Matt Kayes, wallride.

Sailor style.

Po’s footwear choices on this trip were awful.

Po waiting outside our apartment for hours before we realized he was out there.

Pat Thomas.. a maniac.

Sitges brought it out in us.

Me doing a boardslide.

I’m a good cook when I want to be!

These fools came through too.

I wonder why we never made any friends in Spain?

Parc del Laberint.

Dunking for Euros.

Skater boys.

I used to see eyes all over the place here.. it used to weird me out.

Outside the vegetarian buffet.

The triple bunk bed really set it off.

Commeh Labbe, layback boardslide.

Pat Thomas, nose slide.

I took a train to the middle of nowhere..

Mike kickflipping at Brendan’s bump.

Getting their feet wet.


In the middle of our trip we took another two week long trip all over Europe.. Waiting in line to buy our Eurail passes.

Not the worst place to be stuck for 4 hours.

I love the Mediterranean!

Bread and beer.

1st day and we’re already sleeping in the middle of train stations.

Over night train to Paris.

Brendan’s feet stunk after the first day.. I’m sure the mustard foot bath didn’t help.


This is how they cut the grass on this thing..

Euro punk.

The tower made Mike’s nipples hard.

Cool hostel.. I think that’s a sextuplet bunk bed..

Sketchy entrance to the cool hostel.


Mike lives to see people that look like this.

Nose grind at Alexanderplatz.

Nice ledges within a block of the best Doners we ever had!

During another long wait for a train me and Commeh left to go skate when we came back we fround these guys drunk and surrounded by junk food.

Das Neues Rathaus.

I got a ticket for sleeping with my shoes off.. what kind of rule is that?!

We awoke to find that we were apparently riding the Polar express.

Banging pizza in Florence.

Making a makeshift shelter in the dark during drizzle.

If you go to Italy don’t drink this.

..but definitely eat these.

I don’t really remember seeing this.. but I remember seeing two ladies laying on the ground after being hit by cars in two different cities earlier in the morning.

Rome sucked besides buying this huge pomegranate and seeing Tupac and Biggie who happened to be running our hostel.

Blown out.

Skating down this long smooth street was the only other cool thing about Rome.

Once again praising Kurtz.

After a long bumpy train ride we had to spend the night in this terrible train station.. thoughts of America kept me going.

Fanta and those awesome cookies.

Fresh bread in Venice.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Mr Pitt.

Skatepark Obwalden.

Thanks to our friends who took us in on a rainy night and let us sleep in their barn. They failed to mention there was also a mini ramp inside it.

View from outside the barn.. amazing.

Schlafen im stroh. That was our pick up line when our friends took us out to a club in Luzern.. I don’t see how it didn’t work.

Thanks so much to Elias and his friends that showed us a good time and hooked us up with a place to sleep.

It started raining so they took us to a different barn with another mini ramp inside of it.

Back in Barcelona.. Ans using his board for a blinder.

Commeh Labbe, back tail.

Brendan Spohn, bluntslide.

Mike went full European.

Mike and I would always head out on secret missions. Kickflip back tail.


We’re the one who waxed these benches suckaaas!!

Commeh reveals his hooves.

More blinder action.

Nicki showed up too!!


Mike bet me that cake to ollie it that try..

We walked by this all the time but never really understood it… it was a cake shop.

So many hidden spots that hardly ever get skated.. this is why Barcelona is far from blown out.

I didn’t realize suck it was a universally known gesture.


One of the coolest things was the way people would take over unused parts of land to build makeshift farms.

El Llobregat.

So much good shit in here.

Brendan’s last day.. tuckknee.

Brendan before bombing our hill for the last time.

Ans Gibson, bluntslide to fakie.

Me doing a polejam right up the street from our apartment.

Epic door.

This kid rips.

Pranks every day.

This was our favorite store.

Once again traveling light.

Ans and a Wookie wearing a tan vest.

3 months in Barcelona from Max Zahradnik on Vimeo.

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