This is a pretty hard post to know where to start considering the video was in the works for so long, but I think it makes sense to start with this picture of my house after a a big storm.

For whatever reason we chose to use footage of my house to open the trailer..

MODERN NEEDS trailer from lost soul skateboards on Vimeo.

We threw together that trailer so we’d have something to show at the Focus Trade Show, but I always really liked how it came out as far as footage selection and the song.

Doing some last minute printing at Staples before the Focus show.

Nick printing shirts into the night.

The highlight here was the tvs and noise blasting which became a recurring theme..

..but Ricky Oyola said he was jealous of how shitty our booth looked so I guess it was a good thing.

Here’s some even older stuff of some screen printing before a demo in 2009.

Brendan stretching.

Definite lost soul material.

Brendan and Ray gaming.

I tried to piece the following photos together by date, but honestly it all starts to blend together.

Ray Gurz.

Bubba Smith.

Brian Weber.

Andy Vasquez.

This was from the first day I really went skating with Weber.

Dirtbike Chris Berner.

These kids were at the warehouse too looking for a spot to smoke pot and have sex.

Random trip where Tyler ollied over this hubba.

Brendan Spohn. He quit the team prior to ollieing this gap.

The goose is loose.

Dan Pensyl with a nosebonk.

Back disastering on a sick quarter pipe. The coping is held on by bike tires wrapped around the back.

Brendan left the session to go get an extra care card.

First trip to the tunnel to check if it was really skateable.

It was.

Second trip to the tunnel to actually skate.

Mission accomplished.

6 hours in the hole.

South Carolina trip.

Pizza cheers.


Surfs up.

Crashed out.

Hard to explain.



Bubba sleeping while Ray shreds.


lost soul skateboards in South Carolina from lost soul skateboards on Vimeo.

I went to Philly with Ray and saw all these sausages.

We went on a day trip to some parks in Maryland but all the parks there had rules that got us kicked out or wearing bike helmets.

Putting together the DVDs on the night before the premiere.

Car full of shit for the premiere.

Big night.

..and finally, the finished product..

MODERN NEEDS from lost soul skateboards on Vimeo.

In the end, I think it all came together surprisingly well considering we’re all a bunch of lazy slackers riding for the worst skateboarding company in existence right now.

If you like what you see go to and buy a copy.

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