Shortwave #5 and the Ramp

Issue 5 of Shortwave came out which had a short interview with John Shanahan shot by me, some photos from a retrospective on the ramp, and a bonus photo from Theo.

John Shanahan, ollie.


Backside 180.


Theo Korkidas, front nose.

Nicki asked me for a selection of photos from the ramp for a look back at the history of the ramp, mostly I sent her some skating ones, but I found some real gems while going through my archives.

Mike Emery, ollie.

Brian Weber, bean plant.

Ray Gurz, axle stall.

Ray Gurz, back smith.

Ray Gurz, early grab.

Luke Koch, back disaster.

Skate rock.

Bad American.

Tony Trujillo, ollie to wallride.

Tony Trujillo, backside boneless.

You can see the rest of the photos from the Skate Rock tour’s visit to Allentown in the archive section.

Leopard bat.

The add on.

Games of skate in the bat cave.

PTSS premiere.

Look at that guy in the back.

Teenage wasteland.

Well, that is all the embarassing photos I feel like digging up for now, but expect some new archive posts soon.

Check out the new issue here, and go to to check out their blog and back issues.


Shout outs to the Shortwave girls and Colin from Sundays for letting me include some framed photos at the zine release. Contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces!

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