More summer

The rest of my summer.


Bike rides.

Kombucha berry smoothie.

Some beach in CT where you can walk to this island and look for pirate treasure.

..or so I heard.

Up north exclusives.

Museum of junk food.

Gwen thinks it’s bad that Arizona tall boys have this much sugar in them, but I think it’s just an added feature.

Dead lobs.

Dead fossil turtle.

Axel Rose.


New Haven.

A good dinner. Macrobiotic treats.

We ate in this weird little park with a crappy little beach and a giant rock.

Gwen really didn’t wanna go on a tour of Hammon castle, but I convinced her and it was awesome.

The guy who built this place pioneered radio communication.

Sarcophagus from Ancient Greece.

This was right after our tour guide was doing Hannibal impressions at Gwen.

That equipment in the back is the predecessor to stereo sound.

Death Mask.

Cool stuff in every corner.

This was laying in our campsite.

Common Crow foods for a nice breakfast.

Ate it in a cemetery with some common crows.

Macrobiotic sushi.

Found a little skatepark.


Native American exhibit in the Harvard history museum.

Great Northern?

Glass leaves and flowers were insane.

Turtle Girl

Gwen was really hungry and thought this said Oreo Donuts.


Yeah okay.

Vegan diner.


Went to a space ship.

This was taken from a huge Polaroid type thing.

Cool kinetic sculptures.

Exhibit on global warming.

Wood nymph.

Clover in Boston.

One of the best graveyards I have ever been to.

Baby and Boston.

Vegan pizza.

Back in PA we saw two turtles hanging out on a rock.

And a little friend!

Biked so far down 611 we accidentally ended up in New Hope, which really was kind of a waste of time.

Houses I wanna live in.

Ralph Stover state park.

Gwen’s potato sacks got blown out this summer.

If you ever think this sounds like a fun time get a canoe instead cause this is hard to do.

Went to Eastern State, and listed to Steve Buscemi give us an audio tour.

I think Zak Baggins was here.

Legend of Zelda tombstone.


We suck at this.

But it worked out.

Wizard fire.


I beat everyone in Lazer Tag.

Coal Miner.

Jarrett was breakin the rules.

Seriously, our picture was so bad.

On the way to Florida. Arlington Cemetery.

Gwen remembering this huge vegan “yodel” that we picked up earlier.

Capital Wasteland.

On the way to South Carolina.

Trees and nothing.

Road sodas.

Met up with some cool kids.

Frobases summed up in one photo.

So good.

Aaron took us and the kids pool hopping along the boardwalk.

More nothing.

Green Truck in Savannah, ridiculous.

Lined up around the block for Paula Deen’s restaurant.

Tybee Island.


Ice cream for the long drive.

Gwen pretending to have fun.

Old cemetery in St Augustine fenced and barbwired.

Greeted by some kitties.

Gwen and her parent’s weird little house.

It reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite for some reason.. I think because there was Sand Dunes in the backyard.

Rode through the best nature the Tampa area could offer us.

Love the moss.


O.D. vegan pizza

Spot Naboo.

This turd ruined our perfect day over and over again.

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