Homebase 10 year anniversary party and skate jam

Congrats to Homebase for being open 10 years. I say it every time, but it feels like yesterday when some asian with an afro chased me and my friends down as we skated home from Moser and gave us a flier to come to the City Without Spots premiere.


Po’s promo for the video was pretty awesome. Definitely looks promising with Po editing it all.

This guy’s appearance with a suprise!

The underside of some of these Sugar Babe cupcakes had stars on the bottom indicating free stuff.

How the skateplaza is funded..  From you wanting a cupcake.

They were pretty damn good too.

The auctions were sick.. I can’t believe someone topped my bid of $150 for the years supply of Vans.




When Kurtz got that pitcher they asked how many cups he needed and he said “Just one.”


Bad ass.

Po explaining the Death Race..

..Po blowing it on a trial lap of the Death Race.


Kurtz is always down for bloopers.


Gabe commanded this race.

..and he won a cruiser from Stereo skateboards.

Some Limo showed up, but it was just a bunch of 2nd graders inside.

This kid looked lost.

Long ollie contest. This kid shoulda won for skating in jeans and a long sleeve.


These are Zeke’s scars from Redbull Manny Mania last year when he hit his head.

More ollies.

Psychotic smile.


This kid won.

Camera folk.

He got lost soul crap.

Cap Cee wearing a DeXperience shirt I want badly.

Hill once again working the counter.

Crackers broke his elbow.

Cool dudes.

Luke Koch took the Lowcard polejam contest. Switch pole jam.

Po had this girl in a chokehold.


Serious judging.

Switch front board.

The winners. Luke Koch, John Shanahan, Ben Sasso.

Kurtz getting oiled up.

She was admiring his hairless butt cheeks.

There was so much product to give out that Po staged a few impromptu contests such as do a cool trick on the clam shell and we’ll throw stuff to you.


Double sweeps.

Zach Gesko.

John Gardner.

Nik Stain.

There was spills.

Mr Void went all the way.

This was the Hundreds bank to ledge contest.

Luke Koch, back tail.

Switch back tail.

Jake Baldini.

Matt Majewski

Girl was making her rounds.

The winners. Luke Koch, Matt Majewski, and Mike Lent.

The. Man.

Next was the gap and rail contest. This is Izzy Gonzalez warming up with an ollie. Sike, it’s a kickflip.

Brendan Spohn with a full cab.

This kid rips.

B Daddy was puttin in work.

Po coming over with the prizes.


Jared Jackson.

Somehow I missed all of Shane Colville’s tricks besides this fakie flip.

Nate Pezillo.

The crowd.

Izzy is the truth.

A chimp.

Po told Shane that there was gonna be a final round, but there actually wasn’t, but it didn’t matter because Shane won.

The last event was the high air contest.

The best.

Peanut gallery.

Jordan Gesko.

Jay Sigafoos.

Alan Fritzinger.

Chris Berner.

Off the wood.

The winners.

10 minute long product toss.

I wasn’t really paying attention at this point, but then I looked in the distance and saw Po doing laps around these kids who wanted the deck he was carrying.

All in all it was an awesome time and I’m psyched that Phase 2 of the Bethlehem Skate Plaza is breaking ground this week!

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