This was Gwen’s birthday. This is supposed to be a picture of us with dinosaurs.

We went to The Academy of Natural Sciences for Gwen’s birthday since it was rainy out.


This pervert was telling us all about the cocoons, chrysalises, and metamorphoses and all Gwen could think of was Buffalo Bill.

Only because it was Gwen’s birthday would I post this photo.

..but I do kinda want a cool vest like this.

Giant clam.

These displays were awesome.


I think Wes Anderson designed this one.


Tried to take a photo in front of the dinosaurs but this was the best we got.

Birthday girls.

Had a Govinda’s vs Black Bird show down..   sorry Black Bird fans Govinda’s is better.

Vegan tweats.

Gwen is living in a hotel for a few months.


Telly life.

On my birthday it was nicer out so we went back to that awesome bridge in Portland, PA.

Cali naps.

Gwen made a face like this guy..


Gwen got these at a yardsale.

So yummy vegan cupcakes.



We skated too!

I realized that if I got my first board on my 12th birthday, and now I am 24.. that I have been skating half my life.

The next morning we made curry tofu scramble, and used the rice cooker my mom bought me to steam vegetables.

Curry tofu scramble and “cheese” tots.

Spent more nice days wasting time outside.

Litte kid.

Went back to the shopping center another night and these pieces of white trash thought they could tow my car with me skating 20 feet away from it. Then they blocked me in even though they already had the car up on the tow truck. Luckily the cops were on my side for once and proceeded to chew those losers out.

Warm nights.

Warm days.

Gwen thought everyone on the trails were giving her dirty looks for flying her gang colors.

Cool names.

Nisky Hill Cemetery and Gwen’s oat.

These people could totally go there and french their own death masks.

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