Summer in Black and White

A long time coming, but well worth it.

Gwen throwing rocks at me.



Portland Bridge

Ringing Rocks.


Waterfalls at Ringing Rocks.

Trouble making.

Beinecke Rare Book Museum at Yale. Buy a framed print of this at The Collusion art show that is up all month at the Quadrant in Easton.

Searching for witch graves in Salem.

New York.


A muffin.


Wuthering Heights.

Blink 182.


Yes Bubba is peeing in this photo.


Truck stop on the way home.


St Ignatius Cemetery.


The beach was wack but luckily I knew a swimming hole in New Jersey.

Another waterfall in New Jersey.

One of my Mom’s adopted family.

Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Buy a print of this at the Quadrant.


This is actually cutting it close to fall. Lehigh Gorge waterfall.

Dead again.

Construction project.

St Peter’s Village arcade.

7 Tubs in Wilkes Barre.


Board to the face.

All in all it feels like I’m missing some stuff from this post, but I think this covered all my black and white since my last post of all black and white. I think that feeling stems from trying to keep up with all my digital stuff, my color stuff, and my black and white stuff.

Next up is summer and spring in color.

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