Unfortunately for my website, returning to school full time combined with a part time morning news shift leaves me with little time or motivation to update. Here is my attempt to get caught up since the semester got busy.

A missed opportunity for Michael J.

Pool scoping.



Some of the nice last graveyard weather.


Concrete City.

I was in love with the bad anime.


Spot the bean.


So weird.

Spent a lot of time at the Philly barrier.

A little preview.

Poppy’s got a little sloppy.

Night moves.

This was from the night we filmed the lost soul Barrier Kult clip..  we were out so late that when we went to Pat’s for our victory meal it was actually closed so we had to go to Geno’s.

Here is said clip. Buy the board at lostsoulskateboards.com

Animated friends.



The Pussy Poser Shit Market.

A wild Turtzo appears.

25 bucks a pop.

This was cool though.


Mummy foot.



So nuts.

If you only knew what I went through for this ticket..

Got lost in Philly and this is the street Brendan was telling me to turn down via telephone.

I went to someones house I didn’t know and found a picture of my highschool D&D friends.

There was a lot of weird stuff laying around.

For some reason the show had a fog machine set on full. This is a photo from a band called Crockpot.

Smoke detectors went off. Who would have thought.


It was Christmas time.

Cool Kids Korner.

“This is the best sleep over ever.”

Christmas at the Za.

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