zard sale

Andy V had the idea of having a skate yardsale at the za in hopes of getting rid of some old clothes and buying some VHS tapes.

Here’s my crap.

The haul.

Wheelin and dealin.

Adamchek never saw this video or even saw the cover..      which I’m not trying to sound conceited.. but I don’t even know how that’s possible considering I know he has the internet and I know he’s been to the shop. He was calling Andy a pussy for not setting up some plywood on the ground and launching out.

Our fears came to life as Novak showed up with actual quality items instead of crap that’s been sitting in our closets for years.

Kids were lining up..

On the other hand V had this gem..

Jeff bought this belly shirt I’m too fat for.

Quality goods.

Cliff bought the cd with Ray falling on it.

I decided to rebrand some of my stuff so it would sell better.

Another satisfied customer.

This kid was trying to hustle our stuff all day and kept asking us for money.

After the sale was over we went to the casino and tried to double our money, but it didn’t really work out.

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