digital dump: summer 2011

This is the last half of my summer 2011 from the viewpoint of my digital camera.

A classic summer night spot.

Blink 182 crew, and the spaceship we arrived there in.

Pee Break.

This cracks me up.

NASA technology.

Kurtz borrowed Mankind’s shirt for the event.

Blink 182, Hershey Park, 2011.

Ate at a truck stop on the way back.

Centralia on the way to Knoebels. I like to think about what the person who drew this looked like.


Mount Ignatius Cemetery.

Lots of unconventional stones here..

The krew.

Setting up our tents in the dark.

Gwen and her true love.

This whole joint was smoked out.

Welcome to Central, PA.


As you can see from these two pictures Brendan pussed out at the last second.

It really is sexy.


Rode behind a train enthusiast.

They had 3 Fester heads hiding around the arcade.

My favorite part. A real photobooth!


Packing up after two nights in heaven.

We went to this restaurant in Danville with animal photos all over the walls.

Classic Brendan style: he didn’t get any food but he picked one of these up on the way to the restaurant and drank it while we ate.

So good.

The road to the skatepark was closed so we had to walk this long ass road..

..then my bearing blew out as soon as we got there.

Danville skatepark.

Brendan getting some.

The long road back.. by the time we got back to the car the road was back together.

Gwen and I stopped back at the park for some rides and dippin dots while all the other losers went home.


Po chowing down at the burrito, boards, and bro’s video contest or whatever it was called.

Hello Burrito.

Prize wheel.

This band was okay, but their songs could have only been two minutes.

Gwen says thumbs down..

..I said not so bad, but not on the level of Cali.

Po get this in a t shirt.

Plans for phase two of the skate plaza.

Benji’s video was good.

Everyone voting for the wrong video.

Benji. Jarrett, Cliff, and Billy won, but our clip was better..

Cliff doing a victory pose on a tractor.

Last day of summer before school started. Asbury Park.

Something about the beach makes me want Japanese food, so we went and found it afterwards.

Remembered this gem on the way back.

Pretty good space to swim besides the bros and scattered thunder storms.

This is a comparison of Gwen’s shorts to my shorts.

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