Omit apparel in Bethlehem

The Omit team came through Bethlehem for a signing and demo at the Bethlehem Skate Plaza.

What happened at this spot before the signing?

Faces glued to their phones.

Not expecting this many people outside the shop.

Jimmy Carlin.

Kyle Frederick.

Keepin an eye on shit.

Chris Cole.

Prize wheel was in effect.

Saw this family on my way to the plaza.

This family too.


This dude lettin his hair grow out.

Trevor Colden.

Zeke was speechless.. just kidding.

Fakie Hardflip.

Mr Carlin frontside flipping over the rail.

G Nig.

Nollie heel nose.

Nollie back heel.

Izzy with a front feeble.

Backside 180 5-0, back to regular.

About the time to leave. Pushing my camera’s ISO further than I thought possible.

Jimmy Carlin hardflipping into the twilight.

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