Months ago.

I waited so long to do this post because I wanted to have all my film scans up also, but sadly it didn’t work out and I got tired of waiting.

This post is from Gwen and I’s trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts in the middle of summer.

Our first stop was the Union Cemetery, in Easton CT. Supposedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.

We met a really cool ghost hunter parked outside of it when we arrived.

The white lady herself.

These were probably the headstones from the 1600’s, but they were too eroded to tell.

Lots of people with cool names lived up there back then.

Unfortunately when we came back at night we only got to hang out there for a little bit before we saw cop headlights drive in, but our new ghost hunting buddy told us to go to this other one that was really scary.

Breakfast after a night of ghost hunting.

Home sweet home.

My mom made us trail mix and the chocolate melted during the day and made it extra yummy in the morning when it was cooler out.


Beinecke rare book library at Yale.


Creeped around Yale for a bit.

I think I saw Harrison Ford and Shia LeBeouf get in a car chase with some commies in this place.

Yale had a cemetery too.

Bacon everywhere.

What a ridiculous thing to have on your tombstone.


The dead shall be risen.

On the way to this castle we found another really cute one…

Can’t get enough of them little stones.

Nice day.

We were surprised when the GPS told us to “drive for 0.4 miles and board the ferry.”

Berries on the ferry.

Gillette Castle.

Swam in the Devil’s Hopyard. Supposedly haunted too. Also, you know it’s cool because Lovecraft mentions in his writing.

Tourists were prob bummed to see me shirtless.

Took Gwen to Whole Foods for breakfast and unknowingly created a monster.

Herbal corn.

This cemetery was really close to our hotel.

He died before our country even became a country.

Christoper Walken checking out a babe in Salem.

We were looking for the graves of some of the Salem Witches but we couldn’t find any.


It was so hot outside which made walking around boring Salem pretty brutal.


Prob the best thing we saw in Salem.


Left Salem and found a beach.

The water was super cold and it was about 20 degrees cooler here than anywhere else.

Two pearls in a clam.

Spotted this crust bucket off the highway on the way to Boston. Totally beat.

This whole place was gross.

Classical music.

Went to this awesome place called Clover in Cambridge. Falafels and BBQ seitan and some really amazing drinks. I know the one was hibiscus, but I forget the other.

Gwen contemplating what to eat in Pinkberry.

Snuck into this cemetery in the middle of Boston.

Enjoyed a nighttime stroll.

Gwen at her new home. This morning began with us waking up in a 100 degree car, but we got up and went right to whole foods.

Eventually we ended up at the MoMa. This was awesome.

So were these.


So weird.

This probably got me more psyched than anything. I recognized the Gaudi tiles from Barcelona immediately.

After walking around in a sea of people we headed to a raw foods restaurant called Quintessence. This is a raw chocolate smoothie.

This was our meal. Gwen got the Indian dish, which kinda was just cold baby food. I can’t remember if it was bland or over flavored? I got the Mexican dish, which was good except for the red sauce on that burrito. It was a fun experiment though.

Right across the street from the restaurant was that weird occult pawn shop Obscura from that show on that tv channel.

Lotsa owls.

Spent the rest of the night walking around the city checking out the weirdos.

Bubble tea for the ride home.

All in all this trip was awesome and I hope we get another chance to check out all the weird stuff in Connecticut that we didn’t get around to before it gets super cold out.

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