digital dump

Been sitting on a lot of digital photos, but I wanted to post them up with some film ones I shot but for I haven’t been going through film fast enough so here you go.

Hairy berry.


Berry man.

Went to Island Beach State Park and Seaside Heights.



Good arcade!

Took a day trip to Knoebels but I really want to camp there with a lot of friends before summer is over.

Nostalgia bomb.

This ride started getting me sick..

Gwen’s bbq napkin.


Tried this..

..but 1001 Nacht really did a number on me.

It really is sexy..

Apple cider slushie.


Gross food.

I didn’t go on cause I didn’t want to get sick.

Candy coated peanuts are amazing.

Sickest coaster.

This fence is pretty sexy too!!

Stopped by Centralia on the way home.

Skated and threw frisbees after Taco Bell one night.


Worst Taco Bell of my life.

Found this on my camera.

I dunno why this is at the top of Bake Oven.. but I liked it.


Cupcake party.

Hopefully the panoramics come out sick.

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